martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

Homework for 2nd semester

hello gys!
This is your homework. Copy the exercises on a WORD file and complete the sentences with the correct word. some or any. Then, save the file in your PC and send it to my e-mail:

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with some or any.
Example: He doesn't want any rice.

1. I would like __________ tea please.
2. They don't eat _________ meat.
3. She needs ________________coffee to start the day.
4. We don't have ______________ juice in the fridge.
5. You didn't buy ________________ rice!
6. He bought ________________ cereal, but he couldn't find __________ chocolate ice cream.
7. She prefers ________________ sugar in her tea.
8. I don't have _________________ information on cooking fish.
9. Would you like _______________ soup?
10. We don't have _____________ cheese in the refrigerator.
11. I have ____________ potatoes in the refrigerator.
12. I don’t eat ___________ shrimps. I don’t like seafood.
13. People should include _____________________ vegetables in their daily diet.
14. There aren’t _________________ onions. Could you buy some, please?
15. I’m going to buy ________________ carrots for the salad.
16. Please, don’t add ______________ mushrooms, I’m allergic.
17. My mother needs _____________ bananas for the milkshake.
18. Do you have ______________ tomatoes at home?
19. I would like ______________ fries with my hamburger, please.
20. I’m going to prepare _________________ hot dogs for lunch.

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012


Hello guys,

This is the link I promised to upload for you. Hope you like it.

Pakistan Culture and Tourism: